Saturday, December 12, 2015

Aanja's Senior Photos

For those of you that don't live in the Pacific North West, we are getting DUMPED on with rain storm after rain storm. But looking at these photos you would never have guessed that! This was the last sunny day we had and will probably be the last one for a while! So we really lucked out! I loved how these photos turned out. Aanja is so photogenic! 

I love glowing hair! Its so dreamy....

Friday, August 28, 2015

Caleb and Alina's Wedding | San Diego, California

Caleb and Alina asked me to come to San Diego to photograph their wedding and, of course, I said YES!! I mean, COME. ON! Look at this beautiful LDS temple!! So gorgeous!

This is Alina and she's so freaking awesome! This picture shows so much of her personality! 

And this is her new hubby, Caleb. Who is JUST as awesome as she is!

Their reception was at Alina's aunt's house. And it was the most stunningly beautiful place I've ever had the opportunity to photograph. It was a 1930's Spanish style home with vibrant spanish tile EVERYWHERE! Palm trees, banana trees, flowers, the list goes on. SO pretty! Just the front door makes me wanna DIE!

SEE!!! What did I say about spanish tile!

This was a fun moment. Alina's dad got Caleb a gift and was giving him a fatherly pep talk, So sweet!

He said that he always carries a pocket knife with him, so he naturally thought that Caleb should have one as well. This photo and the next one are my favorites.

This guy is seriously a cool dude. I was really touched by the little chat he had with Alina and her husband while I was standing there with them. 

I told them that we needed to do some beach photos and boy I'm glad we did!! These guys are so natural in front of the camera!

Models I tell you... Models

And she wanted to do some photos with my horse. And I was more than happy because he's just so good looking!

The bride and all the bridesmaids 

The groom and the groomsmen!

Boy do I have a LOT to catch up on!!

These two photos were from about 6 months ago. My dad and I went for a drive to Tri-Cities, WA and found this really cool abandoned house off the side of the road. We both agreed it was something that needed to be photographed and I'm so glad we did. The whole house was sagging in the middle so the floor dipped down on the inside. It really made for a cool fun house effect! Its places like these that really make me wish I knew the history behind it.

I had the opportunity to visit my dad's home town of Susanville, CA. Its off the beaten path about 80 miles west of Reno. My dad has told me a million times about how he and his brothers would always climb to the top of Thompson Peak.... I always pictured like a large HILL or something, and then while we were down there my dad and my uncle DROVE me to the top of Thompson Peak and I was shocked at how casually my dad talked about climbing it. Its HUGE! There's a fire lookout at the top and so I went exploring. You can pretty much predict that there will be an old mattress skeleton at any abandoned location...

This was a totally lucky shot!!

Here is the fire lookout. My dad is up on top of the lookout and my uncle is the one with the red rag hanging out of his pocket haha!

An old runner board for an old truck

Here is my grandparents and all of their kids but 2. One wasn't able to make it and the other past away years ago. My dad is on the far right.It was so fun to see everyone again!

Yesterday was the baby's first birthday!!! So I decided to do a little photo shoot with the girls. They turned out SO CUTE!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Daniel and Jasmyn | Married

It was so much fun to be at the wedding of these two awesome people! I'm so glad they wanted me to take their pictures! We had so much fun that day! Congrats Dan and Jas!! On to the next! I'm leaving for San Diego tomorrow for another epic wedding!! Stay tuned!

Love this candid shot!